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Rusk Deepshine Pure Pigments Conditioning Cream Color 3.4 oz


This permanent haircolor provides incredible color clarity, yielding consistently silky, shiny results.



Rusk Deepshine Pure Pigments Conditioning Cream Color 3.4 oz 

RUSK Deepshine Conditioning Cream Color utilizes the most advanced haircolor technology from Italy. Micro Pure Pigment Technology ensures haircolor molecules penetrate deeply, producing longer-lasting results. Advanced Marine Therapy evens out porosity and seals the cuticle to improve the overall strength and integrity of the hair. This permanent haircolor provides incredible color clarity, yielding consistently silky, shiny results.

• Saturates each strand with rich, vibrant color

• Provides long-lasting results

• Delivers incredible shine

• Leaves hair looking and feeling healthy

• Provides 100% gray coverage

• Economical to use; standard mixing ratio 1:1 1/2

Pure Pigments equal Pure Color. Pure Condition. Pure Shine. And Unlimited Possibilities!

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Color Options

1.000NC Black, 1.10BB Intense Blue Black, 10.000NC Ultra Light Blonde, 10.003NW Ultra Light Blonde, 10.03NL Ultra Light Blonde, 10.11AA Intense Platinum Ash Blonde, 10.13B Ultra Light Beige Blonde, 2.000NC Darkest Brown, 2.2V Darkest Violet, 3.000NC Darkest Brown, 4.000NC Medium Brown, 4.03NL Medium Brown, 4.11AA Intense Med Ash Brown, 4.4C Deep Copper, 4.5M Deep Mahogany, 4.62RV Red Violet, 4.8CH Medium Chocolate Brown, 5.000NC Light Brown, 5.003NW Light Brown, 5.03NL Light Brown, 5.22VV Light Intense Violet, 5.3G Light Golden Brown, 5.4C Copper, 5.55MM Intense Mahogany, 5.56MR Mahogany Red, 5.62RV Red Violet, 5.6R Red, 5.8CH Light Chocolate Brown, 6.000NC Dark Blonde, 6.003NW Dark Blonde, 6.03NL Dark Blonde, 6.11AA Intense Dark Ash Blonde, 6.13B Dark Beige Blonde, 6.3G Dark Gold Blonde, 6.43CG Brilliant Copper Gold, 6.4C Brilliant Copper, 6.56MR Brilliant Mahogany Red, 6.5M Brilliant Mahogany, 6.62RV Brilliant Red Violet, 6.66RR Intense Brilliant Red, 6.6R Brilliant Red, 6.8CH Dark Chocolate Blonde, 7.000NC Medium Blonde, 7.003NW Medium Blonde, 7.03NL Medium Blonde, 7.11AA Intense Medium Ash Blonde, 7.3G Golden Blonde, 7.43CG Copper Gold Blonde, 7.44CC Intense Copper Blonde, 7.4C Copper Blonde, 7.62RV Red Violet Blonde, 7.64RC Red Copper Blonde, 7.66RR Intense Red Blonde, 7.6R Medium Red Blonde, 7.8CH Medium Caramel Blonde, 8.000NC Light Blonde, 8.003NW Light Blonde, 8.03NL Light Blonde, 8.11AA Intense Light Ash Blonde, 8.13B Light Beige Blonde, 8.3G Light Gold Blonde, 8.8CH Light Caramel Blonde, 9.000NC Very Light Blonde, 9.003NW Very Light Blonde, 9.03NL Very Light Blonde, 9.11AA Intense Light Ash Blonde, 9.13B Very Light Beige Blond, 9.34GC Very Light Gold Copper, 9.3G Very Light Golden Blonde, B Blue, G Green, O Orange, R Red, SL00N Neutral Blonde, SL01A Ash Blonde, SL03G Gold Blonde, SL13B Beige Blonde, TAC Triple Action Clear, V Violet

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