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Matrix LOGICS DNA Permanent Hair Color Gelucent Colorcreme – 2 oz


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Logics DNA System Permanent Hair Color – it is a perfectly balanced high-reflect dye that pushes the edge of color and redefine self-expression. The product uses cutting edge Dual Net Affinity technology to provide continuous protection against color-depleting forces from the environment and daily heat styling.

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Color Options

1V Violet Black, 2N Dark Brown Neutral, 2NN Dark Brown Double Neutral, 2RV Dark Brown Red Violet, 3B Medium Brown Blue, 3G Medium Brown Gold, 3N Medium Brown Neutra, 3RV Medium Brown Red Violet, 3V, 4B Light Brown Blue, 4N Light Brown Neutral, 4NN Light Brown Double Neutral, 4R Light Brown Red, 4RO Light Brown Red Orange, 4RV Light Brown Red Violet, 5N Lightest Brown Neutral, 5V Lightest Brown Violet, 6B Dark Blonde Blue, 6G Dark Blonde Gold, 6N Dark Blonde Neutral, 6NN Dark Blonde Double Neutral, 6R Dark Blonde Red, 6RO Medium Brown Red Orange, 6V Dark Blonde Violet, 7N Medium Blonde Neutral, 7R Medium Blonde Red, 8B Light Blonde Blue, 8G Light Blonde Gold, 8N Light Blonde Neutral, 8NN Light Blonde Double Neutral, 8RO Light Blonde Red Orange, 8V Light Blonde Violet, 10B Lightest Blonde Blue, 10G Lightest Blonde Gold, 10N Lightest Blonde Neutral, 10RO Lightest Blonde Red Orange, 10V Lightest Blonde Violet, 12B Ultra Light Blonde Blue, 12G Ultra Light Blonde Gold, 12N Ultra Light Blonde Neutral, 12V Ultra Light Blonde Violet, Blue Primary Blue Concentrate, Red Primary Red Concentrate, Red Primary Red Concentrate

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