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Goldwell Topchic Hair Color – 8.6 oz can

Topchic delivers optimum results across the entire color spectrum with the best possible protection for the hair. 100% grey coverage. Over 100 intermixable shades available.



Goldwell Topchic Hair Color – 8.6 oz can

Topchic is the permanent alkaline hair color for superb color results. Infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol to add strength and shine to hair. Impeccable quality. Durable color. Get the desired effect. Accurate. Formulated with Color Link, a patented technology that allows color molecules to “link” together.

What else you need to know: 
Its Patented Penetration System ensures even pigment distribution from scalp to ends. Total coverage. Precision in measurement. Tools designed for predictability. All Goldwell hair color is aligned with the Goldwell Master Palette. The Color Depot System guarantees exact dispensing and mixing. Unique to Goldwell products. Exceptional results for you. Right on target.

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Color Options

2A – Blue Black, 2N – Black, 3N – Dark Brown, 3NA – Dark Ash Brown, 3NN – Dark Brown, 3VV Max, 4B – Havana Brown, 4BP – Pearly Couture Brown Dark, 4G – Chestnut, 4MG – Blackened Matt Gold, 4N – Mid Brown, 4NA – Medium Natural Ash Brown, 4NN – Mid Brown Extra, 4R – Dark Mahogany Brilliant, 4V – Cyclamen, 5A – Light Ash Brown, 5B – Brazil, 5BG – Light Brown Brown Gold, 5BM – Matt Couture Brown Mid, 5BP – Pearly Couture Brown Mid, 5GB – Light Brown Gold Brown, 5K – Mahogany Copper, 5MB – Dark Jade Brown, 5N – Light Brown, 5NA, 5NBK / Light Brown – Brown Copper, 5NBP – Light Brown Reflecting Opal, 5NN – Light Brown Extra, 5NRR / Light Brown – Intense Red, 5R – Teak, 5RB – Dark Red Beech, 5RR – Deep Red, 5VA – Fascinating Violet Ash, 5VV MAX – Very Violet, 6A – Dark Ash Blonde, 6B – Gold Brown, 6BM – Matt Couture Brown Light, 6BP – Pearly Couture Brown Light, 6BS – Smoky Couture Brown Light, 6G – Tobacco, 6GB – Dark Blonde Gold Brown, 6K – Copper Brilliant, 6KG – Dark Copper Gold, 6KR – Pomegranate, 6KS – Blackened Copper Silver, 6MB – Mid Jade Brown, 6N – Dark Blonde, 6NA – Dark Natural Ash Blonde, 6NBK – Dark Blonde Reflecting Golden Topaz, 6NBR – Dark Blonde Reflecting Amber, 6NGB – Dark Blonde Reflecting Bronze, 6NKK / Dark Blonde – Intense Copper, 6NN – Dark Blonde Extra, 6NRV / Dark Blonde – Red Violet, 6R – Mahogany Brilliant, 6RB – Mid Red Beech, 6RR MAX – Dramatic Red, 6RV – Max, 6SB – Silver Brown, 6VV MAX – Vivid Viole, 7A – Mid Ash Blonde, 7B – Safari, 7BG – Mid Blonde Beige Gold, 7BN – Vesuvian, 7BSG – Faceted Amber Brown, 7G – Hazel, 7GB – Sahara Beige Blonde, 7K – Copper Blonde, 7KG – Mid Copper Gol, 7KR – Beryl, 7KV – Fascinating Copper Violet, 7MB – Light Jade Bro, 7N – Mid Blonde, 7NA – Mid Natural Ash Blonde, 7NBK – Mid Blonde Reflecting Topaz, 7NBP – Mid Blonde Reflecting Opal, 7NGP – Mid Blonde Reflecting Pearl, 7NN – Mid Blonde Extra, 7NRR / Mid Blonde – Intense Red, 7OO MAX – Sensational Orange, 7PK – Beautiful Copper, 7RB – Light Red Beech, 7RO – Striking Red Copper, 7RR MAX – Luscious Red, 7SB – Silver Beige, 8A – Light Ash Blonde, 8B – Sea Sand, 8G – Gold Blonde, 8GB – Sahara Light Beige Blonde, 8K – Light Copper Blonde, 8KG – Light Copper Gold, 8KN – Topaz, 8N – Light Blonde, 8NA – Light Natural Ash Blonde, 8NBS / Light Blonde – Intense Copper, 8NGB – Light Blonde Reflecting Bronz, 8NKK /, 8NN – Light Blonde Extra, 8RP – Genuine Rose, 8SB – Silver Blonde, 9A – Very Light Ash Blonde, 9G – Very Light Gold Blonde, 9GB – Sahara Blonde Extra Light Beige, 9GN – Turmaline, 9N – Very Light Blonde, 9NA – Very Light Natural Ash Blonde, 9NBP – Very Light Blonde Reflecting Opal, 9NBS / Very Light Blonde – Beige Silver, 9NGP – Very Light Blonde Reflecting Pearl, 9NN – Very Light Blonde Extra, 10A – Pastel Ash Blonde, 10GB – Sahara Pastel Beige Blonde, 10N – Extra Light Blonde, 10P – Pastel Pearl Blonde, 10V – Pastel Violet Blonde, 11A – Special Ash Blonde, 11B – Special Beige Blonde, 11G – Special Gold Blonde, 11GB – Special Sahara Beige Blonde, 11GK – Atlantis Blonde, 11N – Special Natural Blonde, 11P – Special Blonde Pearl, 11SV – Spec. Silver Viol. Blde., 11V – Special Blonde Violet, 12BM – Ultra Blde. Beige Mat, 12BN – Ultra Blonde Beige Natural, 12BS – Ultra Blonde Beige Silver, A-MIX – Ash Mix, Ash Ash, Blonding-Cream, Blonding-Cream Ash, Cool Blondes Light Cool Ash Blonde, GG-MIX – Gold Mix, KK-MIX – Copper Mix, P-MIX – Pearl Mix, RR-MIX – Red Mix, VV-MIX – Violet Mix, Very Light Jade Blonde, Violet Ash, 7RR@RR – Luscious Red @ Intense Red, 4R@VR – Dark Mahogany Brill @ Violet Red, 6K@KK – Copper Brilliant @ Intense Copper, 5B@BK – Brazil @ Brown Copper, 8SB@PK – Silver Blonde @ Pink, 700@GK – Sensational Orange @ Gold Copper, 8N@GK – Light Blonde @ Gold Copper, 4N@KK – Mid Brown @ Intense Copper, 6RR@PK – Dramatic Red @ Pink, 8N@GB – Light Blonde @ Gold Beige

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