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Goldwell Colorance Demi Permanent Hair Color – 4.2 oz can

The first Demi Color With Intralipids That Repairs Hair. The color result: shiny, colored hair full of freshness and liveliness. Refreshment of color-treated bases. Grey coverage of up to 50%.

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Beautiful, glossy hair full of beauty and shine. New expression for the existing natural tone. Refreshment of color-treated bases. Grey coverage of up to 50%.

Enhancement natural color. Expressive fashion shades. Refreshment of colored bases. Grey coverage of up to 50%.

Colorance Benefits:

  •  +35% improved hair structure due to pH-balanced technology with patented IntraLipid
  • The color result: shiny, colored hair full of freshness and liveliness.

Must be used with Goldwell Measuring Bowl or Goldwell Measuring Cylinder.

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Color Options

2A – Blue Black, 2N – Black, 3N – Dark Brown, 3NA – Dark Ash Brown, 3NN – Dark Brown, 3VV Max, 4B – Havana Brown, 4BP – Pearly Couture Brown Dark, 4G – Chestnut, 4MG – Blackened Matt Gold, 4N – Mid Brown, 4NA – Medium Natural Ash Brown, 4NN – Mid Brown Extra, 4R – Dark Mahogany Brilliant, 4V – Cyclamen, 5A – Light Ash Brown, 5B – Brazil, 5BG – Light Brown Brown Gold, 5BM – Matt Couture Brown Mid, 5BP – Pearly Couture Brown Mid, 5GB – Light Brown Gold Brown, 5K – Mahogany Copper, 5MB – Dark Jade Brown, 5N – Light Brown, 5NA, 5NBK / Light Brown – Brown Copper, 5NBP – Light Brown Reflecting Opal, 5NN – Light Brown Extra, 5NRR / Light Brown – Intense Red, 5R – Teak, 5RB – Dark Red Beech, 5RR – Deep Red, 5VA – Fascinating Violet Ash, 5VV MAX – Very Violet, 6A – Dark Ash Blonde, 6B – Gold Brown, 6BM – Matt Couture Brown Light, 6BP – Pearly Couture Brown Light, 6BS – Smoky Couture Brown Light, 6G – Tobacco, 6GB – Dark Blonde Gold Brown, 6K – Copper Brilliant, 6KG – Dark Copper Gold, 6KR – Pomegranate, 6KS – Blackened Copper Silver, 6MB – Mid Jade Brown, 6N – Dark Blonde, 6NA – Dark Natural Ash Blonde, 6NBK – Dark Blonde Reflecting Golden Topaz, 6NBR – Dark Blonde Reflecting Amber, 6NGB – Dark Blonde Reflecting Bronze, 6NKK / Dark Blonde – Intense Copper, 6NN – Dark Blonde Extra, 6NRV / Dark Blonde – Red Violet, 6R – Mahogany Brilliant, 6RB – Mid Red Beech, 6RR MAX – Dramatic Red, 6RV – Max, 6SB – Silver Brown, 6VV MAX – Vivid Viole, 7A – Mid Ash Blonde, 7B – Safari, 7BG – Mid Blonde Beige Gold, 7BN – Vesuvian, 7BSG – Faceted Amber Brown, 7G – Hazel, 7GB – Sahara Beige Blonde, 7K – Copper Blonde, 7KG – Mid Copper Gol, 7KR – Beryl, 7KV – Fascinating Copper Violet, 7MB – Light Jade Bro, 7N – Mid Blonde, 7NA – Mid Natural Ash Blonde, 7NBK – Mid Blonde Reflecting Topaz, 7NBP – Mid Blonde Reflecting Opal, 7NGP – Mid Blonde Reflecting Pearl, 7NN – Mid Blonde Extra, 7NRR / Mid Blonde – Intense Red, 7OO MAX – Sensational Orange, 7PK – Beautiful Copper, 7RB – Light Red Beech, 7RO – Striking Red Copper, 7RR MAX – Luscious Red, 7SB – Silver Beige, 8A – Light Ash Blonde, 8B – Sea Sand, 8G – Gold Blonde, 8GB – Sahara Light Beige Blonde, 8K – Light Copper Blonde, 8KG – Light Copper Gold, 8KN – Topaz, 8N – Light Blonde, 8NA – Light Natural Ash Blonde, 8NBS / Light Blonde – Intense Copper, 8NGB – Light Blonde Reflecting Bronz, 8NKK /, 8NN – Light Blonde Extra, 8RP – Genuine Rose, 8SB – Silver Blonde, 9A – Very Light Ash Blonde, 9G – Very Light Gold Blonde, 9GB – Sahara Blonde Extra Light Beige, 9GN – Turmaline, 9N – Very Light Blonde, 9NA – Very Light Natural Ash Blonde, 9NBP – Very Light Blonde Reflecting Opal, 9NBS / Very Light Blonde – Beige Silver, 9NGP – Very Light Blonde Reflecting Pearl, 9NN – Very Light Blonde Extra, 10N – Extra Light Blonde, 10P – Pastel Pearl Blonde, 10V – Pastel Violet Blonde, Clear, GG Mix, KK Mix, P Mix, RR Mix, VV Mix

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